laser cut cristmas decorations

Hey Web visitor! I have uploaded my own crimbo tree and reindeer designs for all you people to have. I have 3 different type of Christmas trees, and my own ‘wonkey’ and cute reindeer. The legs may need a little bit of reinforcement, but mine are standing fine.

I got this idea from the overpriced MUJI reindeer and trees, these are selling at £4 – £8 each! I’m going to be uploading some similar more angular reighdeer soon, and even making a 4ft CNC routerd crimbo tree. Watch this space… but until the end of the week you can get downloading my tress, and reindeer.

DOWNLOAD Reindeer.

DOWNLOAD the Trees.

Download the reindeer for any 3mm sheeting, I used Live Edge, which glows. Although clear acyclic is just as classy!


laser cut cristmas tree and laser cut reindeer