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I have just completed my years (10 months) work placement at Resolute, an arcertical lighting design firm. The work placement was part of degree which is 4 year sandwich. This just means that I work for a year before my last year, I would recommend this to all undergrdautes as you are going to have to end out working eventily, a work placemnet will give you an option to see what the industry is really like, and what your strenghts are.

At Resolute I had a rought 3 phase workplan, this consited of.

  1. **Full Imerisoin: **Working in all areas of the company. I helped, or undertook nearly every job Resolute offerd. This meant working in the glass shop, Assemblery, design office, sales office and general office type work. This part of my placement went on for 3 months and gave me a chance to see all areas of the company and more importatnly what could be manufactured, and what would sell.



the glass shop

Glass Ready to be cold worked.


Resolute Assemberly Line.


  1. (2.) Assiting Designers & Assembers: The next phase was helping Max, and Andrew the two designers at Resolute. They work alongside Douglas Vary to create solutions, and change designs depending on the requirement from the arcitects. This means that they can be doing something as simply swapping out a ballast, or they could be creating a complete solution for a one off lighting project. <p style="text-align: center"> Max and Andrews OfficeMy Desk </p>

  2. (3.) **Continued development of the Ardent Lighting Range. **The last part of my placement was to work on the Ardent range of lighting. This project has been started from 2004, by Brent. I was incharge of taking the range and seeing how feasable the lighting range would be to take into mass production, in an offsite outsourcing site in Rockford. We completely re-designed the hardware, which went thought a very itterative design process. Price and easy of production were critial and this is very differnt design problem that I had encounterd before. I didn’t get the chance to get a commerially viable product, but i did process on some manufacuting and component issues. <p style="text-align: center"> img_0792.jpg </p>

  3. Green Design. Alongside with Ardent I undertook studies into ‘green’ issues, and what we could do as a company to become more greeen and substainalbe. After a lot of reading most of this turned out to be green washing an marketing. I created a seperate blog to document my discoveries. This is avaible from <p style="text-align: center"> img_0163.jpg </p>

<p style="text-align: center">
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To all of Resolutes products see Resolutes Website

Many thanks to Doug Varey for employing me, Max Mosley for letting my Crash in his basement, Andrew Elliot for helping get over the imperial mesurement system, Kent for showing me how to run a J(about)IT assemberly line, Holy for selling the stuff and keeping things rolling and real, Jannet for being friendly and smiling, Yang and Steven for being Bad ass assemblery workers, Tommy for putting up with my bad QC standards. Mie for being patient with my Ardent Questions, Jessica for feeding me Henersy, Drew from Slipstrem design for showing me his design office, and a huge thanks to everyone else I worked with! Hopfully see you in the future at some point.